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With solutions for Media Intelligence, Media Management, and Media Finance, our platform provides an integrated, end-to-end workflow to optimize marketing campaigns.

With solutions for Media Intelligence, Media Management, and Media Finance, our platform provides an integrated, end-to-end workflow to optimize marketing campaigns.

Company Name: Mediaocean

Headquarters address: New York, USA

Founded: 1967

Number of employees: 1,500


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2. Company History

3. Company Values

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Company Introduction

Mediaocean was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in the United States. Mediaocean primarily serves advertisers, agencies and media sellers, and provides three solutions (Media Intelligence, Media Management and Media Finance).  With 30 offices worldwide and more than 1,500 employees. Mediaocean’s platform helps clients manage all stages of the advertising workflow independently: from the initial advertising annual budget setting, advertising delivery management, to data analysis and optimization, to financial solicitation and payment process. Mediaocean handles more than $200 billion in annualized media spend.

Company History

In 1967, Donovan Data Systems (DDS), an advertising technology company, was established in New York, USA.

In 2012, DDS merged with another advertising technology company, Mediabank, to form Mediaocean, aiming to create a global operating system designed specifically for the advertising industry.

In 2015, Vista Equity became the majority shareholder of Mediaocean through an equity acquisition.

In 2017, Zanthuu, a media management software provider headquartered in Shanghai, was acquired. Since then, Zanthuu, as the operator of Mediaocean China, provides comprehensive media solutions for customers in the Chinese market.

From 2015 to 2020, Mediaocean has successively acquired and integrated media technology companies such as METIS, BCC, Calspace, Invision, PIN System, MBS, 4C, Symsys, etc., consolidating its leading position in the industry.

In 2021, Mediaocean accelerated product transformation into a unified platform, and in the same year acquired Flashtalking.

Company Values

Open and neutral

Independent platform helping the advertising industry operate efficiently.


Three interoperable solutions, Media Intelligence, Media Management and Media Finance.

Smart optimization

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically extract insights from performance, transactional, and financial data.


Building an omnichannel ecosystem across data, technology, supply and demand.

Efficient and powerful

Continuously improve product competitiveness and service level, and continue to provide users with convenient recommendations.


Media Intelligence

Visualize key data at the most important point in time Media Intelligence is one of Mediaocean’s solutions that integrates data from different sources and normalizes them with standard taxonomies to help marketers understand data from different platforms, different channels, different media types, different data sources and different regions. Process to enable performance, financial and transactional comparisons. At the same time, with the support of the omni-channel database, intelligent media planning can help users display key data at important nodes and present it in the effective cycle of the entire advertising campaign, helping marketers make full use of standardized data and make better decisions.

Technical advantages:

Orchestrate data: By unifying the standards of performance, transactional and financial data across different data sources, media types, channels and suppliers, etc., users can extract comprehensive and meaningful insights across advertising campaigns.

Transparent Collaboration: Automated workflows allow agencies and advertisers to collaborate across the entire campaign workflow, maintaining data visibility from order placement, invoicing and authorization to vendors, campaigns and media types.

Consistent Integration: Whether looking to analyze insights or data within the Mediaocean platform, or extract data for integration into other systems, users can easily connect with technology stacks and stakeholders inside and outside the Mediaocean ecosystem.

Media Management

End-to-end workflow for omnichannel buying at scale Media Management is one of Mediaocean’s new solutions, with functions such as workflow control, real-time monitoring of delivery data, and intelligent report export. With this solution, users can centrally manage global campaigns across channels and media, and improve efficiency and reduce risk through system collaboration. Whether digital or traditional, direct or programmatic, open or closed-loop ecosystems, buying methods, workflows, and accountability must be standardized to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders.

Technical advantages:

Standardization: Mediaocean’s experience in digital, traditional and cross-media allows it to apply expertise to standardize end-to-end workflows across channels and buying methods, while still taking into account the nuances and complexities of different media types.

Risk Mitigation: The Mediaocean platform is trusted by multiple corporate brands and major agencies around the world to manage $200 billion in global media spend while maintaining the necessary compliance and control.

Global reach: Mediaocean’s omni-channel reach has expanded to more than 90 countries around the world, providing unparalleled consistency in brand and campaign management for hundreds of global supply, data and technology suppliers.

Media Finance

Media Finance Controls that are simple and easy to use based on cross-media types and ad transactions, Ad Finance can not only integrate billing and payments across supplier relationships, but also provide end-to-end accounting services based on the complexity of ad campaigns.

Technical advantages:

Built for Ads: Streamline estimating, authorization, and billing by integrating ad scheduling, media channels, project delegation, and more into a single Dashboard and unified workflow.

Global configuration: Configurable according to the needs of different countries such as language, currency and tax rate, providing real-time reporting and flexible payment options, tax and revenue rules to meet country-specific obligations, enabling global advertisers and agencies to cross country/ Regional media financial transparency control is achieved.

Open and integrated: The front-end business team and the back-end financial team use an interoperable interface to achieve automatic reconciliation, ensure efficiency and collaboration, and connect to third-party systems. The external integration of accounting system and ERP system realizes the organic integration of advertising finance and other businesses.


  • 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Ad Tech
  • 1st in Ad Tech on Ad Age Best Places to Work 2021
  • G2 Enterprise leader in cross-channel advertising

Office Locations

Asia Pacific: Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Pune, etc.

Europe, Middle East and Africa: Amsterdam, London, Paris, Casablanca, etc.

Americas: New York, Chicago, Seattle, Hasbrook Heights, Louisville, Manassas, Toronto, etc.

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