MTV increases awareness syncing social ads to TV commercials


PHD, MTV’s media agency, wanted to reach the most relevant audience by targeting fans of similar MTV shows.

MTV 通过将 Snapchat 广告同步到电视广告来提高知名度


MTV wanted to create awareness and increase reach across the UK to promote Just Tattoo of Us. The show puts relationships to the test by asking pairs of friends, family members, and couples to design tattoos for each other — but they only see the final designs once they’re inked on each other’s bodies and it’s too late to walk away. PHD, MTV’s media agency, wanted to reach the most relevant audience by targeting fans of similar MTV shows.


By using Mediaocean’s self-serve platform, PHD took advantage of additional Snapchat targeting and campaign management features. Knowing the desired audience loved tattoo shows on competitor channels, MTV wanted to tactically target that TV tattoo passion point and bring that love to MTV. The same audience love Snapchat and are used to seeing a strong MTV presence there, so TV sync tapped into dual-screen moments with competitor shows, driving deeper engagement and awareness for Just Tattoo of Us.

MTV created a bespoke Top Snap that directly addressed fans of a competitor’s show and then used Mediaocean social sync to deliver this Snap Ad at the same time that show was airing.

This campaign was the first in the world to sync Snap Ads with TV ads and was run alongside MTV’s standard Snapchat activity.


Through Mediaocean, MTV enhanced their Snapchat campaign performance and saw strong results compared to standard (non-synced) ads.

  • Swipe-up rate up 174.1%
  • Views to 100% up 19.5%

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