Mindshare helps tech company scale with media management


A leading tech company worked with media agency, Mindshare, to target a unique audiences and drive revenue during the Cyber 5 shopping period.

Mindshare 通过媒体管理目标集帮助科技公司扩展自定义受众


A leading tech company teamed up with their media agency, Mindshare, to try to reach an audience likely to convert and drive website traffic during the hectic Cyber 5 shopping period. The team needed to scale and retarget their campaign to reach qualified, persona-based leads that would engage with their site.


The team leveraged Mediaocean custom target sets to engage with a unique audience that aligned with the brand’s key customer personas. The team was able to retarget and scale their target audience, effectively reaching the right consumers who interacted with the brand.


With the improved target audience, the team saw success across the board. Mediaocean target sets drove 23% of revenue during the Cyber 5 period and achieved a 7% more efficient ROAS than the average across all audiences. The custom, persona-based audiences shattered expectations, accounting for 30% of total site traffic.

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