PayPal syncs Facebook ads with TV programs to increase brand awareness


PayPal teamed up with media agency, Havas, to sync social ads on Facebook to real-time commercials.

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Online payment system, PayPal, worked with Socialyse to enhance its marketing program and increase brand engagement by aligning social and TV content. The aim of this campaign was to increase awareness and engagement. PayPal had a partnership agreement with Channel 4 around specific TV programs and wanted to promote relevant social content at the same time these TV programs aired.


Using Mediaocean TV sync, the Socialyse team was able to harmonize messages across TV and social. With Mediaocean’s self-serve platform, the team triggered Facebook ads to activate whenever specific TV shows aired on Channel 4. Running in addition to their normal Facebook activity, the team was able to amplify PayPal’s message in the moments when the target audience was most likely to engage.


PayPal was able to increase brand exposure and foster relevancy through the cross-screen synergy enabled by Mediaocean TV sync. Compared to standard (non-synced) ads, they were able to increase performance:

  • 62% increase in Action rate
  • 29% increase in Video completion rate
  • 100% increase in Click-through rate


“Here at Socialyse we were very happy with the results from this campaign and so was our client. To be able to amplify our brand presence across platforms, at the most opportune time, provided maximum effectiveness. The Mediaocean smart targeting allowed us to really boost our paid results.”

Tess Elford, Account Manager at Socialyse


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